Painted silk scarf, Shawl-Renewal




The original, gently overflowing color scarf “Renewal” – a wonderful gift for every woman!

Each soft like silk touch and exclusive design scarf highlight and emphasize the clothing style.

This scarf aksesauras great leisure, a romantic date or a party.

Scarf material: 100% natural silk (chiffon)
Technique: shibori
Scarf dimensions: 185x90cm
Scarf color: green, yellow, brown, orange
Scarf Edge: hands curved (screw)
It is important to: Silk used by professional painting inks, which is affixed to a complex evaporation method. This ensures durability and color scarf and silk neblukim─ů i┼ílikea extremely gentle.

Each scarf is unique. Used development technologies and 100% handmade thanks, not even the slightest possibility of replicating the design of 100% as well.

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